Quinta is essentially a big space for role playing games but also a welcoming shop for coffee, beer, food and a relaxing meeting place in general.

There is a loft overlooking the Town Hall Square of Dafni where watching the park you can immerse in the wonderful journey of relaxation with a frappe or eating something sweet or some of the special creations of her helpful staff!

Marwan is a wonderful owner, while George will always amaze with his ingenious creations of something sweet or salty!

In general it's a coffee - play ... something that can satisfy even the most demanding client!

Fortress of Solitude!

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Το κουίντα είναι στέκι. Εξυπηρετικότητα και φιλικό περιβάλλον και πάντα εκεί για τους πελάτες. Καφές, ποτό, φαγητό, επιτραπέζια, DnD, Bandaoke. Τι άλλο να ζητήσει κανείς από ένα μαγαζί;